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Esme grew up in a small town in South Wales, UK. She's always loved books about magic and Terry Pratchett has always been her favourite author.

Even though she started writing at a young age, churning out Vampire Diaries fan fiction and historical romances about witches and reincarnation, she always wanted to be a doctor.

At school, she studied Biology, Chemistry and English at A-Level, which opened the door to studying Medicine in Guys, Kings and St Thomas' School of Medicine, in London. Writing fell by the wayside for a few years until her then boyfriend, now husband, recommended The Wheel of Time series. Esme devoured the first book and bought the next books in the series while working (sightseeing) in Australia. The epic fantasy tale of Rand al Thor and his friends reignited the writing spark in Esme and an early version of the Healer was born.

Esme moved to West Wales to continue her training, taking her trusty laptop with her and writing in the doctor's accomodation of the local hospital. 

She made the scary decision to hang up her stethoscope and write full time in 2018, working around school runs, housework, and in 2020, the dreaded homeschooling.

Two years ago, she finished writing the first draft of The Healer. Since then it has gone through multiple edits and beta reads. This year, Esme's decided to take the plunge and publish for the first time. 

She hopes you love her world and characters as much as she does.

Get in touch if you’ve got any comments, questions, suggestions, or just want to say hello. Esme would be more than happy to hear from you.

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